With The Empress, Sirdan, and others, in Chinatown

01 Jul

The first of the month and the traditional day for Yum Cha going back to late last century — the July 2000 Yum Cha comes to mind especially. Sirdan felt the cold on his bald Rhodesian head so bought a red beanie in Chinatown, then DVDs of Happy Feet and The Birdcage. “There’s an empty space today,” he said. I knew what he meant.

Eventually ten of us attended Yum Cha at The Golden Harbour, and excellent it was too. Almost as per tradition we finished with the crispy calimari and mango pancakes — not together, I should add. A bit of reminiscing happened.

Sirdan and I went to check out the 75th Birthday Celebrations at the ABC. Sydney obviously loves its ABC, as we could hardly move!

Nice day

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