Nostalgia time

03 Jul

Reading Thomas’s latest I thought of this from my own (comparative) youth –indeed in 1975 (I think it was that year) I was groomsman at an Italian/Polish wedding in Wollongong. Arthur just might even know (or know of) the groom, Renato Schebici, now an Associate Professor at Murdoch. Great wedding it was too. I even took dancing lessons so I could do a passable bridal waltz!

Well back in 75 “all of our friends were getting married” — or in my case already were! I even had a female or two after me around that time… (I allude to this in passing in my story tabbed above under “fiction”.)

Now to the nostalgia:

Red Symons looks quite amazing in that video! I guess we all look rather different after more than thirty years… After all, he was the same age then as Mr Rabbit is now.

The oddest thing for me, of course, is that the 70s seem no time ago at all. In fact watching Life on Mars is an odd experience, as the time-travel sections seem quite normal to me…

Didn’t this happen just last week?

Oh my!

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