Sirdan a bit down last night

07 Jul

Some of it is work-related, but some also backwash from the South Africa visit, I suspect, good as that was in most ways, and of course yesterday was just one week on from Lord Malcolm’s memorial service. For the past few years Lord M, Sirdan and I have been a bit like the three musketeers. It is hard, as have been the past six months. Anyway, we plan to have lunch on Sunday, perhaps with Simon H as well, who was also at Lord M’s memorial.

It would appear, by the way, that Simon H was visitor #75,000 to this blog. Not too many of my visitors use Windows 98 still and come via Telstra. Guess I might confirm that on Sunday.

Been to the new archive from Blogspot that has appeared lately? (See top of sidebar.) I had long wanted to edit those old entries, but decided it was a lot easier to do in WordPress, as anyone who has edited a stack of old entries in WordPress and Blogspot will know. Still lots to do.

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