Tutoring in Chinatown yesterday and crowds at Central

08 Jul

Three coachees yesterday: D1 (Cantonese), who I usually tutor during the week, D2 (Vietnamese), and a new one, W (Mandarin), all in Year 12. W is pretty clever, actually; his main issues are a slight wobble in register and a need for more comment on technique in discussing texts. Interesting that among his choices of additional material for “Physical Journeys” is Priscilla, Queen of the Desert — which works, after all, but is probably a bit unusual. I suspect markers will like it though. I wonder how often markers will find themselves reading about Happy Feet this year! For the conservatives out there, know that W is also doing Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, as well as OzLit Cloudstreet.

Crowds at Central going to Live Earth reminded me of the 2000 Olympics…

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