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08 Jul

In “Yes Minister” terms, this may seem a courageous post, dealing as it does with a topic surrounded by so much autopilot reaction: Pedophile monster knee-jerk reaction.

One of the strange turns in the history of ideas in the twentieth century and now the twenty-first has been first the identification of sexuality as a key element of personality and in particular the “discovery” of infantile sexuality under the influence of Sigmund Freud (though not only Freud) and secondly the increased awareness of long-term psychological trauma, including trauma which is caused by (adverse) experiences in childhood and adolescence…

Marcel concludes: “Finally, it is pathetically necessary for me to add that I neither agree with Leonard’s views nor condone his conduct.”

Challenging, and very important: well argued too. Let’s embrace a bit more sanity in this area.

NOTE: Though I have tagged this as you can see, always keep in mind that pedophilia is NOT, I repeat NOT, exclusively or even most significantly a gay or lesbian issue, though there is some overlap with issues of sexuality generally. See my GLBT page for some relevant links.

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