Sirdan and I continue tradition…

15 Jul

Sunday lunch at Johnnie’s Fish Cafe was good, but obviously not the same. One reason for that should be obvious, but it was good that Sirdan and I could talk about our feelings at this point, and what a good and wise — and funny — friend he was whom we miss so much.

The other was that Johnnie’s has reopened under new management, Blair having gone to NZ. The fish is still good, but it is hard to live up to Blair’s wonderful salads, though the salad was generous and fresh; the chips were slightly underdone. The new owners are from Macau. (Surry Hills is such a multicultural place.)

In fact, the fish and chips at The Shakespeare are probably a better deal now.

Sirdan was glad that we’ve heard from The Rabbit too. In fact we hope some Sunday he (and anyone he might want to bring, or not) might be able to join us.

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