Teacher Pride Rules!

27 Jul

Why not? I found this on the web:

The ABC’s of Teaching

A is for taking Attendance.
B is for Bearing society’s problems.
C is for Caring so much.
D is for Dedication.
E is for your enthusiasm.
F is for shaping the Future.
G is for Grading papers and more papers.
H is for the sticky Hugs.
I is for your integrity.
J is for Juggling all that you do.
K is for the Kindness you share.
L is for Learning.
M is for the memories.
N is for many Notes you have written over the years.
O is for being a true Optimist.
P is for your teacher Pride.
Q is for a few minutes of Quiet.
R is for Returning each Australia Day weekend.
S is for the Students you teach.
T is for becoming a Teacher.
U is for Understanding.
V is for summer Vacation.
W is for the Wisdom of children.
X is for the eXcellence you eXpect.
Y is for your Years of service.
Z is for your Zest for sharing yourself with our children.

Shame there were typos in the original though… I’ve Australianised it slightly.


Poem from The Momauguin School Connecticut USA

That’s for Dorothy Hoddinott, and every other teacher I have known — the good the bad and the ugly — from Cronulla to Wollongong to The Mine, down to the latest recruits carrying on the job, like Aluminium and The Rabbit.

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  1. Robert Mandrake

    July 27, 2007 at 10:09 am

    I found your awesome blog via Blogexplosion!
    Really great stuff here…
    I bookmarked this.

    Thank you teachers.

    I would really appreciate your opinion or comment via posting a comment on my blog if you get a spare moment 🙂

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