Sad but true: the Right is unspeakable but the Left is unelectable

04 Aug

That’s my view, anyway, and has been for years, sorry to say. I despise the present Howard government with a passion, though I try in my commentary (except when in need of a good rant) to give them their due when they do something worthy, which, not quite yet having achieved Evil Empire status, they sometimes do, and there are decent individuals in the government — most of them retiring at the coming election (Bruce Baird, for one) or embattled and marginalised by the reign of the Great Grey Garden Gnome of Kirribilli House, the dreaded Magoo, the Prince of Babbittry.

But the Left don’t get it, to paraphrase Jim Wallis. Squabbling among themselves for the moral high ground or the correct definition of Utopia (just like the seventeenth century Puritans from whom they are descended) they attract minimal support from the majority of people, even if much of their collective wisdom is far sounder than that available from the other side. So I think Kevin Rudd is a breath of fresh air, personally. So long as his own Left don’t get all territorial on him and shoot him down from his own rearguard, cheesed off because he doesn’t make the appropriate noises or perform the appropriate rituals.

Give Rudd room, people. At least under his government you’ll have a chance to be heard, unlike today when only paid-up Quadrant subscribers and friends of Miranda and Akerman really get a look-in. And some of your agenda, if well argued, might even have a show of getting up — unlike today.

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