Reading novels from the screen…

07 Aug

In my English/ESL blog a while ago I told you about a cheap resource I bought: Two newish resources for literary studies. Lately I have used it a bit more, and starting on a coaching Saturday between coachees I read from the store of 4000 works for $9.95 An International Episode by Henry James, and found it rather delightful.

I may use my 4,000 works a bit more often, though I have to say I still prefer “real” books. Still, I could sit in the Juice & Java with my laptop and generally pose, couldn’t I?

NOTE: Yesterday’s local history post on Cleveland House has been added to as I tracked down some really fascinating stuff…

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One response to “Reading novels from the screen…

  1. Cliff Burns

    August 7, 2007 at 10:57 am

    I’m afraid I belong to a generation who will never get used to reading text off a flat screen. Not intensively, not for long periods of time. Text is for scanning, you’re looking for context rather than content. I still prefer to hold a solid, three dimensional tome in my hand. And my thumbs don’t work fast enough for gaming consoles and my coordination is utterly pitiful besides. I feel like a dinosaur, seeing the bright flash of light on the horizon and wondering why it’s gotten so chilly all of a sudden…

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