So this is Surry Hills

08 Aug

surryhills.jpgI recently added Google Earth to my computer. Too big to display, but you may click on the thumbnail. The spot in the centre where I am is just a bit too far up the road; in fact it is just outside The Northcott. Go a bit to the left and you will see the silver roof of the Belvoir Theatre. Keep going in that direction and you will come to Prince Alfred Park, where you may see a swimming pool. Go right from the swimming pool across Chalmers Street and the upside-down U is Cleveland House. Bottom right corner is The Mine and Moore Park. M’s place is just towards the bottom of the image facing Moore Park. Top left hand corner is Central Station.

And now there is a new header image. 🙂 [Now on “About”.]


Dorothy just arrived with my bundles of the August South Sydney Herald. A PDF download version will join the others here shortly. When it does, read the guest editorial by Naomi Mayers of the Redfern Aboriginal Medical Service on the current direction of Australian government Indigenous policy. In the meantime, read Consult us, and give us respect.

Speaking of South Sydney, there was a good documentary about our Rugby League Club on ABC last night, with more to come. There is a strong Russell Crowe connection there.

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