Admirable Australian, despicable Australian…

09 Aug

Two men, both on the political Right, but oh how different they are!

The Admirable Australian

Petro Georgiou , Liberal Party Member of Parliament, and one of the very few who deserves to wear the otherwise misleading party name. He has gone down fighting.

THE Liberal MP Petro Georgiou recalled the language difficulties of his own migrant father in an impassioned rejection of the Government’s tougher citizenship test.

Constandino Georgiou held down two jobs, raised and educated a family, but like hundreds of thousands of postwar immigrants, never spoke the English now required under the citizenship test, Mr Georgiou told Parliament yesterday.

Legislation for the new test passed the House of Representatives yesterday with tacit support from Labor, which has refused to be drawn into a debate which could wedge the party.

Labor had called for improvements to migrant English programs and other settlement services, but did not call for a vote on the legislation.

Mr Georgiou said he would not support the legislation, saying the test would prevent “many meritorious aspiring citizens” from acquiring citizenship.

Despite their limited English, people like his father were committed to Australia. “They have enriched every facet of our nation’s life,” he said. “They worked hard. They obeyed the law.”

Mr Georgiou dismissed the Government’s argument that a more rigorous test was needed because of the intake in recent years of large numbers of non-European migrants from cultures far removed from Australia’s.

He said a fundamental change in the composition of migrants occurred 30 years ago with the demise of the White Australia Policy. Asian immigrants exceeded the European intake every year since 1984. “Australia met that challenge and there have been no major changes to our migrant intake since then.”

The Immigration Minister, Kevin Andrews, said the test would “provide prospective citizens the opportunity to demonstrate in an objective way they have a knowledge of Australia, including the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, and a basic knowledge of English”.

Kevin Andrews failed to mention that Dr Haneef would have passed every one of the government’s silly criteria and tests. Furthermore, the dolts simply ignored my offering on the subject… 😛

The Despicable Australian

Jim Saleam. Yes, he’s at it again, with new targets in mind, Lebs now being old hat… If there were a prize for people we could do without in this country, Jim would be a hot contender. He makes Kevin Andrews look positively benign…



Pic from Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony in 2005; a fine ongoing blog from a fortysomething mother of two, and a nice OzLit allusion in the title too, that is for those old enough to remember Hal Porter…

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