Another week, partly at The Mine…

20 Aug

…or indirectly at least, thanks to Trial HSC marking, which has begun. And as I write this (it will be timed to appear around 90 minutes from now) I see that The Rabbit and Thomas must have returned from the great drive west. I imagine we’ll be able to read about it before long. I’m looking forward to it.

I was around The Rabbit’s age when I took my own great drive west, but not such a marathon as they have achieved. I got to just beyond Cobar; they went considerably further. Two drivers, of course, would help…

Here the new/old templates and the tweaking of navigation has finished for now. Visits to individual entries in the past seven days have been:

Updated stats 20 August 10 am AEST (count is GMT)

Rank Blog Post/Page (visits)
1 English/ESL Studying the Gothic, or Emily Bronte? (144)
2 Big Archive About (page) (105)
3 Big Archive Progress (88)
4 Lines from a Floating Life The connection has timed out — Firefox (60)
5 Big Archive Before Blogspot: from 1999-2004 (page) (59)
  English/ESL Physical journeys and Peter Skrzynecki’s poems (59)
7 Lines from a Floating Life Indigenous Australians (page) (57)
8 Lines from a Floating Life Assimilation/Integration/Multiculturalism Part 1 (56)
9 Lines from a Floating Life Miranda asks a question or two on climate change (55)
10 Big Archive Been doing some work here… (54)


I managed to get the colour back on the template in such a way that it doesn’t spread all the way down the side bar in Firefox. 🙂

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