You could have knocked me over with a feather…

23 Aug

I was just now adding the finishing touches to my Friday Oz Poem #3, to appear as if by magic just after midnight, when I thought I would check Sitemeter to see who had visited lately, and to look at my little collection of WordPress friends who appear in a list at the dashboard behind the scenes here. Sure enough, Thomas has begun his account of the Great Drive, but when I checked The Rabbit to see what he had to say, his blog had gone behind a log-in. Perhaps a result of his new professonal role? Perhaps he is just renovating*… I’ll miss his blog, even if there were moments… So will Sirdan, Aluminium, and a few others who have been reading Mr R for some time. There was some very good writing there, after all, and I have been reading him for years!


I decided to cut the Rabbit links, and the Rabbit tags, here and on the Big Archive since it would be annoying to readers if such links went nowhere. In about an hour I was able to modify the relevant posts, delete most cross-links, delete the occasional post, and do some major surgery in The Big Archive. I have also updated Who’s who accordingly but have kept a link open there, just in case. Some of the surgery on my sites was well overdue now, I think — as an act of friendship really. He’ll know what I mean… I am happy to have done it.

I sincerely hope it isn’t the last we see of The Rabbit, those of us outside his immediate circle that is. This comment on Thomas’s blog suggests he may reopen, in which case I will (if it’s OK by him) note it here. But it may also be he has decided to limit his readership to those concerned.

Take care, Rabbit. 🙂


* The sequestration of Thin Potations does seem to be more than temporary. I can understand in his circumstances why he may have felt this would free up the range of what he might write there. Kids are after all pretty good at finding things… It’s a point I raised with him a couple of years ago, in fact.

A shame though, as I was looking forward to his version of the Menindee epic.

Here on WordPress, should it ever arise, I can sequester particular entries. So far the only occasion for it has been lately on English/ESL where my remarks to SBHS students about this year’s Trial HSC will be password protected.

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