Eating the national icon…

26 Aug

kangaroo.gifSirdan and I had roast pork at The Dolphin today; some of the scenery was nice, the pork was good, but the additional cost does not seem justifiable when you compare it with The Shakespeare.

Afterwards we went to Woolies in Riley Street, where the prices are very competitive. And I bought some kanga bangas: yes, kangaroo sausages! Low in cholesterol, high in protein, and more sensible as a meat animal than beef in the Australian environment. Cheap too…

I’ll let you know the results…

After all, some of my ancestors had been eating roo for thousands of years, and my brother does. So does Simon H.


Shame on you, Marcel! I note your previous post was “Keeping things in proportion” but it has to be said this post does not do so… 😉 History boys indeed!

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