Yea the great and terrible day of The Bush is nigh…

28 Aug

…and the Moon hath turned to blood seen even unto Surry Hills…


… and the City, even Babylon of the Harbour, that City of Sin and Sodom of the South, is beset with a Wall, and the steeds thereof are stricken with the Murrain, yea the steeds of the Centurions are laid low, and Leviathan that speweth Water lieth in wait…

Put not thy trust in Princes nor in the Powers of this Earth…

Wail, wail, and gnash your teeth…

Doom! Doom!

… M’s coming around in about an hour as well.


Read David Malouf, ‘Dream Stuff’.

My name is Amy, but in the family I am called Ay, and my brothers, Mark and Ben, call me Rabbit. Next year, when I am ten, and can think for myself and resist the influences, I will go to school like the boys. In the meantime my grandmother teaches me. I am past long division. Uncle Charles is the eldest, the first-born. When you see him in family photographs with my mother and Uncle James and Uncle Matt, he is the blondest; his eyes have the most sparkle to them. My mother says he was always the rebel. She says his trouble is he never grew up. He lives in Sydney, which Grandpa Morpeth says is Sodom. This is the literal truth, as Aaron’s rod when he threw it at Pharoah’s feet did literally become a serpent and Jesus turned water into wine. The Lord destroyed Sodom and he is destroying Sydney, but with fire this time that is slow and invisible. It is burning people up but you don’t see it because they burn from within. That’s at the beginning. Later, they burn visibly, and the sight of the flames blistering and scorching and blackening and wasting to the bone is terrible.

Because Uncle Charles lives in Sodom we do not let him visit.

See also Davo on the eclipse. Nice pics, Davo.

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