What I did on APEC Saturday

08 Sep

8 to 10 am

The Juice & Java reopened today so the very first thing I did was browse The Australian over a coffee and bagel. That led to an entry on Journalspace. OK, then to coaching.

A helicopter seemed to be following me down Elizabeth Street. Perhaps it was watching developments in the small park between Central and Chinatown where some Vietnamese-Australians were setting up their protest against the current Vietnamese regime. Fewer people than usual were making their way to Paddy’s Market. I saw a couple of anti-war protesters on bicycles heading deeper into the city.

Three hours later

After battling with Paper 2 HSC questions on King Lear, Hamlet & Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Cloudstreet, and Brave New World and Blade Runner, I await a new coachee. Outside they seem to be playing with the new security siren system. I saw an Aboriginal woman carrying the Aboriginal and Vietnamese flags. I saw an anti-Bush protester wearing a Swans scarf…

Very quiet here in Chinatown. Easy to find a table in Gloria Jean’s.

2 pm

The new coachee, by way of contrast, is in Year 6, of Shanghainese background but born in Australia. He is sitting in front of me now writing my patent generic English test.

Outside a few more protesters seem to be making their way towards the action. They all look terribly innocent, even  normal. They will no doubt fail the TV news test then…

On the way home

The coachee is not doing too badly; he’s reading Tom Sawyer and attending an OC (gifted) class after all.

In Belmore Park the Vietnamese numbers have swelled, and been joined by Free Tibet people. Over Hyde Park area a helicopter just went in very low.

7.30 pm

Now you will have read all about the police presence in Sydney today, but here in Surry Hills I have just seen with my own eyes a hitherto SECRET PRESENCE in our midst, probably accompanying George Bush…

Yes, I just saw SUPERMAN — the red cape a dead giveaway — entering Hannibal’s Lebanese Restaurant in Elizabeth Street.

And here is a vintage bit of American culture… And science…

See? No need to have worried…

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