My favourite Chinese music

14 Sep

Doing my tidying of old entries I came upon Music and memory from June last year.

Enjoy. Though the next one is only the first half of the “Butterfly Lovers” Concerto…

One of many things I have learned about through M. 🙂


The pages are OK, and I have now done all April-June 2006. I found the template’s current down side, though — which may be changed as people notice it. If you turn off comments, all comments made so far on that post disappear. They are not lost; you just can’t see them. So I have reopened every post which has received comments so far and won’t be closing posts in future, at least for the time being. While reopening those posts I also cleaned them, so quite a lot is now as it should be.

On the Archive, by the way, all posts are open and have been from the start.

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