Amazing trivia

15 Sep

Well, for one or two of my regular readers anyway.

When I use Avant browser I open on its (Yahoo) search engine, which gives the following as top for “thin potations”.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Don’t ask me how this happens; I don’t know. (Of course only we the invited can read The Rabbit nowadays. You did miss something, I have to say, from being unable to access his account of the Wilcannia trip, but on the other hand privacy enables him to record workplace impressions — the latest very funny — which might be unwise to “publish”.)

It seems too that my blog put Jim Belshaw in touch with an old friend! 🙂 See the comments here. There is also a quite amazing link between Mary Gilmore, my Friday Oz Poet this week, and Jim’s family. Such a link would seem unlikely in these more polarised times.


April to September 2006 are finished. Interesting reading some of those old posts again.


Seeing X instead of a pic? Seems something is being fiddled with on WP at the moment. Changed the recent ones to Photobucket. Kind of spoils the joke above otherwise.


That problem seems fixed. In my cleanup I have almost finished August 2006 now and discovered my laptop’s first anniversary has been and gone. How time has flown! I have only had to reload it all once too since then…


From the beginning of August 2006:

He has transformed Australia…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting… and sadly this is true, except I would say “deformed”. The image on the right derives ultimately from The Arabian Nights, of course, though this one is from Marvel Masterworks. You know the story, don’t you? “In the story of Sinbad the Sailor, the Old Man of the Sea, hoisted on the shoulders of Sinbad, clung there and refused to dismount. Sinbad released himself from his burden by making the Old Man drunk.” Getting rid of the Garden Gnome may not be so easy.

See Howard gambles political legacy: commentators.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the Old Man of the Sea is dropping off at last… (Crosses fingers.)

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