Been going back two years…

20 Sep

Cleaning script over at the Archive and working backwards through the entries I have just been through September 2005. Found this from 20th September 2005:

Dinner with M and his really interesting friends was just a delight. Meeting him in 1990 was the best thing I ever did 🙂

Image hosted by Photobucket.comYear 12 final assembly at The Mine today was also good. The school captain, a Sinhalese, spoke really well. I was much encouraged.

To me the most amazing thing about [this school] is something you can’t read in any book or be told about by any teacher. It’s a feeling you get when walking down the corridor between periods, walking past and more importantly walking with, people from different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs. Boys from all around the world with ideas and values from one extremity to the other. Boys who, if not for [this school], would never have met, let alone become lifelong friends.

So someone who has a positive mind will have a positive experience, it seems; someone steeped in suspicion, anger or prejudice just might overcome these, or, in the worst case, will blind themselves to what is in front of them and go on to be as narrow and fearful as they were to start with — rare, I feel, but very sad.

M’s five month exploration of South America begins Monday week…

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