Midnight tonight

24 Sep

That’s when my download allowance is renewed and I can resume my ranting. Meantime, I notice I promised to reflect on blogging but instead have given you yet another blog! In fact it is my old Blogspot number revived with a niche purpose that would be swamped here, yet does not quite belong on English/ESL either.

And those promised reflections? Well, just this: a blog is what it will be. Mine is a 21st century commonplace book, no more and no less. No other purpose. Just a voice, a collection, a series of letters to whom they may concern. What more do you want?

Overnight Sitemeter visitor #140,000 arrived here from Columbus, Mississippi. That is, the 140,000th visit since Sitemeter started counting on one of my earlier Floating Life manifestations, back in July 2001. The next milestone to note is coming up soon: #95,000 to this blog in particular — WordPress count.

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