Seeking spirit or scepticism?

28 Sep

Seeking Spirit is into “loving nature, silence, spaces, and images of life and Light.” I have found some good things there. The author introduces herself thus: “wife, grandma, mother, friend, therapist, writer, photographer (most of the pictures on the blog are mine), musician, gardener, thinker, quaker, episcopalian, boater, southern marylander, seeker, listener, lover of silence and natural places.”

In contrast, Bruce has introduced another WordPress blog, Skeptics – South Australia. “This blog will probably consist of the rantings of the President based on issues of a skeptical nature occuring in South Australia, and elsewhere in quiet times.”

Take your pick, or better — in a spirit of pluralism — visit both.

NOTE: Yes, my spelling is “sceptic” and theirs is “skeptic” — The Cambridge Guide to English Usage, whose recommendations I usually follow, comes down on the side of “skeptic” but somehow I just can’t get my grumpy old man typing fingers to agree… 😉

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