Sex, lies, and…

02 Oct

…politicians. No, not sex, just propaganda, spin, and an election becoming more tumescent by the day.

Workplace “reform”

See The State of the Workplace in today’s Sydney Morning Herald and take the trouble to download the three PDF files on offer there. [NOTE: 9.30am. Those three files are at the moment totally irrelevant material about Purdue University! I hope the Herald corrects this. Check later.*] We all need to have weapons against the government’s and Big Business’s ongoing and highly expensive propaganda campaign.

* 5pm: No change on the Herald link problem; the parallel story in The Age just gives you a bad link that opens your mailer; the ACTU site leads to a dud link…Very annoying. I did a careful Google and I got nowhere.


Download the report here.

Haneef again

I missed Four Corners last night because of the Buenos Aires situation, but propose to watch the replay or just visit it online. So I can’t comment yet. Not one of The Plonker’s greatest hits though.

We have expressed an interest…

We have, have we? I haven’t. Have you? See:

US garners support for strike on Iran

AUSTRALIA, Britain and Israel have reportedly “expressed interest” in a US campaign to launch surgical bombing raids on Iran targeting Revolutionary Guard Corps facilities.

A report in The New Yorker by the journalist Seymour Hersh said the Bush Administration had stopped trying to justify a campaign against Iran on the basis of curtailing Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It is instead redefining the war in Iraq as a strategic battle between the US and Iran.

Read Seymour Hersh’s New Yorker article for yourselves: The Administration’s plan for Iran. Then reread The march of folly and the guns of war, my post for 20 September 2007.

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