I was going to leave this alone for now…

05 Oct

… until I saw Legal Eagle had given it a go: Playing the race card.

Last night when I was driving home, I saw a large group of boys standing on the pavement outside the Housing Commission flats. The boys were predominately of African descent. I was thinking about it when I got home. The boys had been dominating the footpath. Would I have felt nervous if I had been walking on the street and had to push past them? Yes, I would have. Was it because they were African? No, not at all. It was because they were male and blocking the footpath. Regardless of race, religion or class, as a lone woman, I would feel slightly worried about having to pass a large group of boys. I don’t think they were a gang, they were just a group of boys hanging out with nothing better to do, but that’s when boys get up to mischief. It made me think more deeply about the news of the last few days…

This is quite a judicious entry. The problem has been brought to the fore by Kevin (Po-faced Plonker) Andrews again proving a PR nightmare. See Minister’s African dossier renews racial tensions.

Nonetheless there are real issues here and Legal Eagle is right not to leap in with the anti-racist flags flying. There is of course racism not far from the surface, but there is also more to it than that. Much has to do with the adequacy of the support given to newly arrived migrants from such traumatic backgrounds as the Sudan. Nor should recent events be allowed to overshadow the positive stories concerning the same groups.


I can’t help thinking, LE, that this may be a Tampa-style tactic on the government’s part. They know it goes down well with certain voters or prospective voters.


See Jim Belshaw on this. He has carefully checked his facts. Well done, Jim. Unfortunately the damage has still been done.

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2 responses to “I was going to leave this alone for now…

  1. Legal Eagle

    October 5, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    Three cheers! There’s so many positive stories out there involving refugees. It’s most annoying that the Federal government responded in this way.

  2. Davo

    October 6, 2007 at 9:04 am

    Umm, the local Gummint seems to have forgotten that even THEY belong to the all-encompassing, over-arching HUMAN race. (or did i miss something?)

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