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05 Oct

The new blog has finally achieved 100 visits and around 180 page views, according to Sitemeter. The “page impressions” recorded by Google Adsense are considerably higher — 400+.  Don’t really understand that, but I think I will stick to Sitemeter’s version. I have managed to stop Sitemeter counting my own visits.

The poll over there is hardly meaningful, but I am fascinated to see that given ten qualities that make a good teacher no-one has yet chosen “good results”. Top so far are “love of subject” and “respect for students”.

Reading and viewing

 Chain of Evidence by Gary Disher (Melbourne, Text Publishing 2007). “Multilayered and multistranded, Chain of Evidence is written in vivid and uncompromising prose. A writer of both literary fiction and prize-winning children’s books, Disher never skimps on his craft. Most impressive are the descriptions of landscape and place written with the precision of a social anthropologist and the vision of a poet.”  I found it a touch more ordinary, though still good; the multilayered plotline is well developed. The resolution, however, did not really satisfy me, but as social anthropologist Disher has given me a good cynical quote on Australian egalitarianism.

Sadler looked for ways out and found only a couple of mealy-mouthed replies. ‘I’ve already said too much. Nothing to do with me. Plus it seems clear this Finucane character did it. Rex Joyce does not strike me as the kind of person to…’

Do anything so grubby as murder another person. Challis left and buckled himself into his car, thinking that Sadler pretty well summed up the Australian national character, which was not fine and egalitarian but grovelled at the feet of men who’d gone to a private school or could kick a football or had become billionaires by being allowed to evade tax.

I am just back from a checkup at the Redfern doctor’s. Nice day for a bit of a walk around Redfern, and I found some good bargains at the Video-Ezy:

1. A double DVD of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and The Birdcage.


2. Gus van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho, which of course is a transformation of Shakespeare’s Henry IV.

Bit of a theme going there, isn’t there? Apart from nostalgia for the 1990s, that is. Pre-Bush, pre-John… *sighs*

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