Guest entry. Country’s going to the dogs mate…

06 Oct


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Take that bloody horse flu, mate. Never heard of it had we before those bloody black reffos from Soodan were let into the joint, eh, BASTARDwell did we? C’mon, prove me wrong if you can. I mean I think that Andrews is a Bible-bashing dickhead, mate, tell you true. Don’t go for that meself, though at least I know I live in a Christian country, mate, if you know what I mean. But wowsers, mate, can’t stand them. Still that little bastard Andrews has at least done the right thing — well almost — about these bloody blacks. Trouble is he wants to keep the ones we’ve got. Gutless bastard. Pauline, now, the old Pauline. Still love her, mate, even more since she was in stir that time. Gave us even more in common that did. Now the old Pauline is saying “If we want to do things for the Sudanese people, then let us send medical supplies, food, whatever they need over there – but let them stay in their own country. You can’t bring people into the country who are incompatible with our way of life and culture.” Bloody oath, Pauline. You’ve got my vote. Though I really don’t see why we should send the bastards any money, do you? I mean, I know it’s rough over there, but that’s their own bloody fault isn’t it? Charity begins at home, I say. When do we start deporting them? Nauru maybe, if they can’t go back where they came from. But bugger them, I say, they shouldn’t be here in the first place.

And they look weird too, mate, not like you and me at all… God knows what they get up to when there’s a full moon.

I’m not a racist but. I reckon anyone who can’t prove they’re related to someone who was here before 1788 should just piss off. Whatever colour they are. Fair enough, eh. Then maybe we wouldn’t have all these bloody dagos and chinks and God knows who around the place ripping us off and jabbering in the bloody bus on their bloody mobile phones. That bloody citizenship test is not tough enough mate… Have it in Icelandic or something like they used to do in the old days, that’s what I say. I mean, mate, even the bloody NSW goverment looks more like bloody Con the Fruiterers these days, don’t it. Jeez, mate, I can’t even bloody pronounce half their bloody names. Shame poor old Stan’s gone. He’d uv agreed with me, mate. Reffo himself, of course — no dinkum Aussie would have a name starting with zed — but at least he was assimilated. Not like the bastards we’re letting in now.

Oh well, that’s enough from me for today. Got to get down to the club for a couple of schooners, a bet, and a flutter on the pokies. By the way, when did you get that funny chinky name “ninglun” or whatever? Never had that when we were at the old Sutherland Primary, mate… Yeah, that place has gone all PC too mate. Leftie bastards the lot of them those bloody teachers these days I tell you… Remember when we bashed old Freddie because he was a square-head, mate? And you asked that chow kid if his dick was yellow as well. Never forgotten that mate; you were always a quick bastard… Happy days…

Hey, do you reckon I could come on this blog thing again some time? Maybe I could start me own one. Would you give me a hand? Thanks, mate…

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