Surry Hills mysteries and drama

15 Oct

The Rabbit’s plant sits forlornly on its shelf in the Juice and Java Lounge at the moment, because — and there is no sign why — J&J failed to open for business this morning! Life on Elizabeth Street has barely survived…

image The Edge Cafe on the corner of Elizabeth and Belvoir thus has been doing a roaring trade this morning, though the coffee is not nearly as good. However, young somewhat queeny person who is good with his crema art  — if not quite as good as those on the left — confused me, because he used to work at J&J but as of this morning works at The Edge. Oh the things we Surry Hills folk have to worry about!

Wonder what has happened though? Should I mount a rescue mission for The Rabbit’s plant?

Next morning

Mystery solved. J&J opened this morning. Apparently the coffee machine had failed and couldn’t be fixed until last night.


This happened last night. Hearing cars colliding on the crazy intersection of Belvoir and Elizabeth is not unusual. You may see it above the T and just under the Family Stories tab in the masthead above. It is my opinion that the traffic in Belvoir, a one-way street, goes the wrong way. It should never go down Belvoir, but up, and the down traffic should be sent to Goodlet Street. Belvoir/Elizabeth is a classic blind intersection for anything coming down it.

But last night the crash was unusually loud — not just a fender bender. So I went and looked, and there was a white van on its roof, windscreen all smashed out, and a car in very poor condition in the middle of Elizabeth, plus, in due course, police, fire engine, and ambulances. An eye witness told me the van had come screaming down Belvoir at 80kph or more, went straight across Elizabeth without stopping, being collected by the car for its pains. The drama is that apparently the driver of the overturned van crawled out through the broken windscreen and decamped at speed in a westerly direction, as the police might say, carrying a small bundle. I didn’t see that bit, but the speculation is he had committed one or more crimes not too long before and had no desire to be apprehended, guv.

Fortunately the occupants of the car don’t seem to have been badly hurt, but their car looked a write-off to me.

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  1. Denys

    October 15, 2007 at 10:20 pm

    Looks like he is drawing a teacher’s face in that top coffee. Could it be you! <:D-

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