Bias is in the eye of the beholder

19 Oct

I was going to call the post “stupid f*ckers who wouldn’t know a fair question if it bit them on the bum”, but thought better of it… According to ABC News:

The Federal Government and the New South Wales Opposition have accused Labor and the unions of using yesterday’s Higher School Certificate (HSC) exam to indoctrinate students with left-wing ideologies.

The claim about a question in the industrial technology exam comes as almost 65,000 year-12 students in New South Wales prepare to sit the only compulsory HSC exam this morning: English.

The question asked students to discuss the impact of Government legislation on employees.

Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop says it was clearly about WorkChoices and was another example of how political views are being pushed in the classroom.

“You’d have to be naive in the extreme not to see this as a loaded question,” she said.

“It has been backed up by months and months of union campaigning in schools in NSW, pushing their political agenda.

“We’ve got teachers handing out anti-Government propaganda to school children and parents are complaining that their children are being used as political pawns.”

But state Education Minister John Della Bosca has described the reaction to the question as hysterical.

Mr Della Bosca says the question was set by independent experts in the field from public, private and Catholic school committees.

Discuss last time I looked meant consider pros and cons, positive and negative, explain and weigh. Government could mean the NSW government. It could include health and safety laws. Julie Bishop says it was clearly about WorkChoices. Really? Time you learned to read, Julie. Or are you exhibiting these paranoid symptoms because you know that WorkChoices —  I thought that compound noun was forbidden these days — has had an impact on employees? Like so many of that political and personal authoritarian persuasion, Julie believes objectivity and disinterestedness = agreeing with and propagandising on one side only — hers — and anything else is “political”. Education for Julie is being able to sound out every phoneme in The cat sat on the mat but is not incompatible with being given the mushroom treatment. Critical literacy, formerly known as crap detection, is clearly a left-wing plot. Education? She knows all about her own brand of indoctrination; she knows next to nothing about education.

But then I may be biased… 😉

You may be interested to know I was in email contact last night with Julie Bishop’s cousin. More about that later.

The point behind this rant is that the idea that students aged 18, voters many of them, discussing the impact of government legislation on employees either in class or in an exam is somehow EVIL is so stupid, so abominably and terminally stupid, it beggars belief the utterer is any position of responsibility, let alone responsibility for education policy.

And here she is in full flight. Unfortunately some little time later when Labor policy was made public even Cardinal Pell gave it a thumbs up.

For Julie’s information — and Andrew Stoner’s

Perhaps they asked that question because of this.


Pity about the typo though; did you spot it?

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