Now M is in Bolivia

25 Oct

You can read more about La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, by clicking on the picture — not one of M’s — which leads to a fascinating account of the place from Bolivia Web.


M’s latest email says:

am in lapaz. i am fine , just tired after over 60 hrs bus and train ride.

To say the least, I would say!

I am sure he will be keeping out of local politics, but via Bolivia Web — which is really comprehensive — I came upon this interesting blog (in English): Bolivia Rising. Bolivia’s indigenous people are rising up and reclaiming a new homeland. An exciting national revolution is unfolding in Bolivia today, with its indigenous peoples at its core. The movement to refound Bolivia is an inspiration to many around the world. Bolivia Rising aims to bring news and analysis about this revolution to English speakers.

South America is pretty much off the radar here in Australia, isn’t it?


In another email M says he is now feeling better and is starting Spanish lessons.

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