Sirdan’s interesting neighbour

28 Oct

I had heard about Sirdan’s neighbour but met him today for the first time, Sunday lunch being at Sirdan’s. He was at one time a contributor to the well-remembered National Times, a paper to be reckoned with in the 70s and 80s. Conversation ranged from the Packers to Neville Wran to Bob Carr, and much else besides, 1970s Wollongong not least. One part of the conversation would have interested The Rabbit, touching as it did on someone The Rabbit once worked for.

Fascinating stuff. Quite a few skeletons rattled…

On the other hand, the lunch guest and I, being not too far apart in age, had a number of senior moments. Fortunately we both knew who we were talking about even if the names tend to escape us… 

He has been to La Paz too, this lunch guest, and once had a gallery in New York.

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