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05 Nov

I received the email which follows and it was promptly and correctly delivered to the spam bin at Unwired (or rather Bluetie). I have chosen to rescue it. You may have seen it before.


Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We all need to pray for one another, and to love one
another. We should always pray for the safety, peace,
love and brotherhood for people all over the world.
Too bad we can’t have an independence day for the
entire world. A day of freedom from ignorance, hatred,
war, illusions, power and control. A day where we can
all love each other as human beings and toss away the
weapons of war, and cast out our fears and hatreds
from our hearts into the graves. We must mourn the
graves of the innocents all over the world, and give
the children of the world the hope of a peaceful,
loving and beautiful world.

A world full of love and without hatred or fear. A
world where we can join hands together and accept one
another, regardless of our skin color, ethnic
divisions, religion or nationality. If we don’t unite
as a human race, then we have condemned the future
generation of children a dark and very grim future.
Think of love, compassion and peace always…

Merciful God, You made all of the people of the world
in Your own image and placed before us the pathway of
salvation through different Preachers who claimed to
have been Your Saints and Prophets. But, the
contradictions (made by us) in the interpretation of
Your teachings have resulted in creating divisions,
faith based hatreds and bloodshed in the world
community. Millions of innocent men, women and
children have so far been brutally killed by the
militants of several religions who have been
committing horrifying crimes against humanity and
millions more would not be butchered by them in the
future, if You guide and help us find ways to reunite

look with compassion on the whole human family; take
away the controversial teachings of arrogance,
divisions and hatreds which have badly infected our
hearts; break down the walls that separate us; reunite
us in bonds of love; and work through our struggle and
confusion to accomplish Your purposes on earth; that,
in Your good time, all nations and races could jointly
serve You in justice, peace and harmony.  (Amen)

Peace Activist

According to Darvish (an interesting site in itself) this is quite genuine:

This email from a peace activist in Pakistan came through the Master of the Jinn website contact link. Apparently S.A. Rehman is sending out emails to everyone he finds, or is led to find, on the web. There is no organization behind it. Also check out the website, and the open letters to Bin Laden and Muslims: You can write back if you wish via the website, where an email address is listed.

Blessings upon you, S.A. Rehman. 

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2 responses to “Benign spam

  1. darvish

    November 5, 2007 at 2:42 pm

    Thank you for the kind comments, and for spreading the good works of brother S.A. Rehman. Pakistan needs it now more than ever with Martial Law just declared ahead of supposed elections in January.

    Peace and Blessings!

  2. Dorothy McRae-McMahon

    November 6, 2007 at 8:54 am

    It is indeed beautiful – lifts the heart.

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