I’m right-brain dominant

18 Nov

Why am I not surprised?

Left Brain Right Brain
logical random
sequential intuitive
rational holistic
analytical synthesizing
objective subjective
looks at parts looks at wholes

 Just about everything I write here would confirm that.

Go to Which way? on and do a really good test.


hotthinker1.jpgI can’t go to too often. It is just too distracting and bad for my heart. 😉

Seriously, it is a great blog, and I loved the honesty of this post (among many):

…For the first 18 years of my life, I was conservative, racist, self-loathing, slightly homophobic and socially inept. These habits thankfully changed, but not easily. It took months of mental degradation and self-torture to get me to the point where my life wasn’t even worth a bullet. Although completely involuntarily, I had ripped up the foundations giving me a blank slate to rebuild myself. I have always thought back and regarded this period as a blessing in disguise, despite the pain.

So I’m here now, realising well in advance that I have fundamental behaviours that I know I must change, but changing life-long habits is frustrating as it’s so easy to fall back into old routines without even realising it. How can one force the brain to forge “new” pathways, wtihout resorting to anything too life-changing or drastic? Self-discipline is usually the answer to overcoming any problem… stick at it long enough, and you’ll change those habits for the better. But what happens when self-discipline and laziness is at the core of the problem you’re trying to fix? It’s like raking up water!…

That’s also where the thoughtful young man on the right came from. You see why I can’t visit too often? Not to mention that last time I looked like that I was imagining things… 😉 Even when I was 20-something. Just not fair, is it? I do of course look at the picture in a right-brained way only.

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