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20 Nov

Yes I know this probably belongs on Oz Politics, but I can’t resist sharing it again here. I first posted the following back in July 2007 on Journalspace, where I think I may just go and say something about Cricket*. Been languishing, the old Journalspace blog, and it is rather pretty…

But after last night’s double act on Seven on Anna Coren’s show, this is quite poignant.

* Done!


Make sure you look at the last few days on Oz Politics and The Big Archive as there really are some good rants there, and some of it is even entertaining.

The scraper blog just hooked the latest entry over there and published my little message dutifully. I then sent another report to AdSense. Oh, and Jim: sometimes some of the AdSense links are disabled on those beasts, but some are not. Try another if you find a disabled one. Do report them.

And later

Just saw John Howard on the 7.30 Report. A quick point about his “focus”: he said that when the government changes the country changes, and he said we shouldn’t just go for change thinking there won’t be consequences. He thought he was cautioning us. I regarded it as encouragement: yes, John, that’s why I want the government changed! Thanks for reminding us that things don’t have to be quite the way they are…

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