Pre-election: Politics in the Pub at Surry Hills

23 Nov

So I went down to The Gaelic Club this evening for Politics in the Pub; Sirdan was meant to come too but he must have been working. I do get to see him Sunday so I guess I’ll find out what happened.

I had a bit of a connection with this event, as these entries explain. Some nice things were said about my story in the introductory talk, and then we heard from the ABC’s Mark Willacy. He is an interesting speaker. We also heard from Noah Bassil, Deputy Director, Middle East Centre, Macquarie University. There have been some interesting talks at Politics in the Pub over the years as you will see if you visit that link; a few of them have transcriptions. You may see tonight’s talks on UHF 31 Thursday 2.30 pm and Sunday 10.30 pm.

The audience was primarily left, of a generation, most of them, that makes me feel almost young. There were some good questions, especially one from a woman who knows Iraq well, and its history.

It was good to meet Mark Willacy in person at last, as distinct from by phone; also met Peter Cave [YouTube link], the ABC’s foreign affairs editor.

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