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Global warming a hoax? No, the hoax claim is a hoax…


See Global warming a hoax? No, the hoax claim is a hoax. Rush Limbaugh fell for it, though, as did several others who profess to be skeptical of global warming.


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Does Tim Blair still do global warming jokes?

One of the staples of uber-Right humour has been the Global Warming Joke, and Timmie has had some doozies. I wonder where they are today? Not so funny any more, is it? I am not so partisan as to suggest the Australian government doesn’t care, and some of its proposed measures are no doubt good in themselves. But their whole stand-out on the Kyoto Protocols, for all the imperfection of those protocols, is looking more and more like “lack of ticker”. Read the rest of this entry »


New look archive here

This blog, as its title suggests, is an archive from my first WordPress blog covering the period April 2006 to November 2007. It continues “live” on New Lines from a Floating Life and on Ninglun’s Specials.

As of today the ten most popular posts and pages here are:

Two Australian poems of World War II 2,155 visits
Bill Heffernan! 1,819 — mainly for a picture of Elizabeth I
Assimilation, Integration, Multiculturalism 1,620
John Howard: bullying expert extraordinaire 1,523 — but not because of John Howard, I suspect
Does Tim Blair still do global warming jokes? 1,498
Book and DVD backlog 1,454
3 — Indigenous Australians 1,408
About 1,407
On the awkwardness (and fatuity?) of discussing religion 1,294
Friday Australian poem #17: Bruce Dawe, “Homecoming”  1,286

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I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth…


Or so we tell people. That’s Fort Denison, in the early days of the colony a punishment island nicknamed “Pinchgut” and then in the 1850s the fort was built to defend Sydney Harbour against a Russian invasion. Something to do with the Crimean War, I think.

Well no Russians came.

But today Fort Denison really is under siege: Fort Denison to be protected against rising sea.

The historic Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour will be restored to improve the structural base of the fort, which is is being eroded as a result of changing sea levels.

The New South Wales Government is investing $1.5 million to replace the sandstone blocks around the base of the fort.

Restoration work will begin next week and will take up to 12 months to complete.

New South Wales Minister for Environment Phil Koperberg says the restoration work will ensure future generations can visit the heritage-listed site.

“It is structurally sound but unless some work is done now, then ultimately given the weight of the fortification, which is over 150 years old, then ultimately these lower block of sandstone will give way as a result of constant erosion,” he said.

“This work is designed to prevent that from happening.

“It [the work] won’t change the look because what the work that will be carried out comprises is the replacement of those huge sandstone blocks which are at the very base of the fortification and most exposed to salt and wave action and rising water levels.”

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Sad descent of Gnome into black comedy

See also Liberal Party’s search for a scapegoat finds its mark… on Journalspace. Howard’s mask fell off last week in that press conference as he uttered the words And I hope people understand from observing me in 30-odd years of public life, that I have never run from a fight before, and I don’t intend to do so now. His tone and body language told the truth. The “battle of the pronouns” since — I —> we and Howard government —> The Team is a pathetic and I hope failing — because it deserves to fail — attempt to spin their way out. I have rarely seen such a bald-faced confection.

But you have to love The Australian’s Matt Price, and I mean that sincerely.
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The truth about denial

I commend The Bulletin/Newsweek for The truth about denial.

…Since the late 1980s, this well-coordinated, well-funded campaign by contrarian scientists, free-market think tanks and industry has created a paralyzing fog of doubt around climate change. Through advertisements, op-eds, lobbying and media attention, greenhouse doubters (they hate being called deniers) argued first that the world is not warming; measurements indicating otherwise are flawed, they said. Then they claimed that any warming is natural, not caused by human activities. Now they contend that the looming warming will be minuscule and harmless. “They patterned what they did after the tobacco industry,” says former senator Tim Wirth, who spearheaded environmental issues as an under secretary of State in the Clinton administration. “Both figured, sow enough doubt, call the science uncertain and in dispute. That’s had a huge impact on both the public and Congress.”
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