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Extended comment: On the extreme ugliness of fanatics of all kinds…

Commenting on yesterday’s entry On the extreme ugliness of fanatics of all kinds… Lexcen wrote:

Ninglun, M. Fethullah Gülen may be an enlightened and noble thinker. As a non-Muslim I applaud his views. Of course, Islam is not a religion controlled by a strict hierarchy like Christian Catholicism. Islam is as fluid and malleable to opinions and views of extremists.

Whilst we talk and debate about the true nature of Islam, we may ignore or disregard the permeations of the ideology of the Wahabi school of Islam* from Saudi Arabia. The Wahabi have virtually unlimited financial resources and do export literature, preachers and doctrine around the world through Mosques and Wahabi financed schools. I do not fear the majority of Muslims. But, this attitude does make us complacent and allows us to turn a blind eye to the menace of the ideology of Jihad that stems from the Wahabi camp.

* See that Wikipedia article for this and other relevant terms and links.

I began a reply that grew and grew…
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On the extreme ugliness of fanatics of all kinds…

So now we have a home-grown radical Muslim nut-job with movie star appeal who is apparently attracting some of the young, idealistic and impressionable to his cause. I refer to the young and deluded and very loud Sheik Feiz Mohammed, rightly condemned by just about everyone. However, when I looked at the comments on AntBlog701 the other day on the entry 13 January, 2007 I found people there who in opposing the other recently publicised loudmouth were themselves just as bad as any radical Muslim nut-job and equally reprehensible. (Antony has a more laissez-faire attitude to comments than I do; his call of course, but I would have hit the delete button myself. Some things are just too vile to be given the credibility publication implies.)

Anyone tempted to give even ten seconds attention to the child-abusing — encouraging children to blow themselves and others up is surely worse than any sexual abuse, not that I condone that either — Sheik Feiz Mohammed, a true enemy of mankind and of peace, should go to another Lebanese, Amin Maalouf, and to Jonathan Glover, HUMANITY: A Moral History of the Twentieth Century — linked in that entry in a very relevant context — not to mention the many sane Muslim sources one might point to, some of which are on the right under the 50+ blogs and “Faith and Philosophy”. Let me replay something I wrote just before Anzac Day last year:
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Written by Neil

January 19, 2007 at 9:23 am