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Aspiring citizens asked to play Trivial Pursuit — in English

Don’t believe it? Then look at what the Daily Telegraph has published as a likely citizenship test.

1 Which colours are represented on the Australian flag?

A Green and yellow
B Red, black and yellow
C Blue, red and white
D Orange and purple
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When asses rule…

It must be said that mere name-calling is no form of argument, but it is really difficult to think of Immigration Citizenship Minister Kevin Andrews without simultaneously thinking po-faced plonker. My reason for that today is noting the first batch of on-line so-called Citizenship Tests have started, at God knows what expense. The Plonker is apparently now admitting it is actually an English test but fails to explain why this level of English — not to mention computer skills — is necessary (albeit desirable) for someone to be a perfectly functional Australian citizen. I have ranted on this before, as some of you know, under the rubric of “Trivial Pursuit”: you can’t possibly be an Australian citizen unless you know the country’s floral emblem. Really? Seriously?

I agree with Senator Allison:
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Government careers down path of superficial idiocy on citizenship test

NOTE: Updated. I now give the resource book a qualified . Remarks below offer some qualifications, while others, especially about the TEST, still hold.

The singularly unimpressive Kevin Andrews was told how stupid this is over and over again. Go there and download whichever you choose; naturally I recommend (PDF) ATESOL’s contribution on behalf of ESL teachers — I can hardly improve on it. But The Garden Gnome wanted it and Andrews delivered and so the country is stuck with an English test that masquerades as something to do with benchmarks for attaining a successful Australian citizenship.

The Book of Knowledge (in English of course) does not appear to be available online yet*, so I have had to rely on the version presented today in the Sydney Morning Herald: I pledge allegiance to ? the Don. Nothing in there, it would appear, about the Eight Hour Movement or the Harvester Judgement, whose centenary occurs this year, but that is hardly surprising. Meanwhile not one person who represents any kind of threat to the Australian way of life will be deterred by this fatuous yet discriminatory exercise. But the government will seem to be doing something significant, and that is all that matters perhaps.

The Herald does provide these sample questions:

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Ninglun’s Dinkum Aussie test, mate!

Since the sample citizenship test is such a travesty, let’s get real. The government, for a fee, may use this test any time they like. They can even employ me to generate thousands of similar questions.

1. The best blogger in Australia is

A) Ninglun
B) Thomas
C) Jim Belshaw
D) Marcel Proust

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Building peace on a foundation of lies?

While I caused a stir among some readers with my earlier post Cross cultural rhetoric: Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while I am not in favour of military “solutions” to Iran, while I believe that America should engage with Iran more in pursuit of an Iraq solution, while the hypocrisy of the Israelis almost certainly having nuclear weapons (but allowing no inspections) is obvious, while nationalistic Zionism has driven Israel down a bad path, and while the injustices towards the Palestinians and Arab Israelis are manifest, the recent charade in Tehran was despicable. Any conference featuring the likes of David Duke and an assorted gaggle of crackpots and fanatics is a joke, and its agenda was sickening.

The ultra-religious Jews who were there are indeed an interesting group; for them the only proper State of Israel is that ushered in by the future Messiah, so the current one is illegitimate. But you don’t have to go there to find Israelis and Jews who question what is going on. I have recently been reading The Tragedy of Zionism by Bernard Avishai, writing from a Labor Zionist perspective, and highly critical of the way Israel has gone. See also his article A roadmap without a driver (2003), and one only has to read Tikkun to find more voices for peace and reason. See too the documentary The Other Zionists, recently shown on ABC-TV’s Compass. There were no such voices on any side in this conference.
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