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Remember General Wesley Clark?

Scott Ritter — who got WMD in Iraq right before the war started:

…God is not on our side, or the side of any single nation or people. To believe such is the ultimate expression of national hubris. To invoke such, if one is a true believer, is to embrace sacrilege and heresy. This, of course, is an individual right, granted as an extension of religious freedom. But it is not a collective right, nor is it a right born of governance, especially in a land protected by the separation of church and state.
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Sex, lies, and…

…politicians. No, not sex, just propaganda, spin, and an election becoming more tumescent by the day.

Workplace “reform”

See The State of the Workplace in today’s Sydney Morning Herald and take the trouble to download the three PDF files on offer there. [NOTE: 9.30am. Those three files are at the moment totally irrelevant material about Purdue University! I hope the Herald corrects this. Check later.*] We all need to have weapons against the government’s and Big Business’s ongoing and highly expensive propaganda campaign.

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The march of folly and the guns of war

Yes, I have appropriated and adapted two of Barbara Tuchman’s famous 20th century histories to create that title, because they are so sadly apt in the current world climate. First, let me get a disclaimer (or several) out of the way: I am opposed to suicide bombing especially when it targets innocent people going about their everyday lives — I call that murder, and a particularly vile kind of murder at that. Second, I do not for one moment believe that there is a war against Islam. That is a paranoid religious interpretation put with often unhelpful consequences on conflicts and tensions that arise for much more mundane reasons. Angry Muslims should have a bit more faith in God’s ability to look after himself. No-one is in the slightest bit interested in Muslim countries or Muslim minorities in other countries unless they happen to be sitting on or near a very large oil reserve. I will come back to that in a moment. Third, the state of Israel is the most destabilising factor in the Middle East, and I say that as, in general, a supporter of Israel. But it should never have been allowed to settle Gaza and the West Bank. Fourth, much of the talk of democracy in the Middle East is open to criticism on the grounds of hypocrisy, as democratic choices that go the “wrong” way are vigorously rejected: Gaza (in vile dehumanising Newspeak — resist this worst abuse of human language with every fibre of your being — now an “enemy entity” like a microbe or a cancer cell or It Came From Outer Space) and Iran are two cases in point. Finally, I am not a great admirer of the current Iranian regime.

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Inside Iran

Last night Compass presented Part 1 of Rageh Omaar’s Inside Teheran, a significant counterweight to the rhetoric of politics there or here. You get the idea from this edited extract:

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Eteraz on Iran

Want some insight into Iran and its current Head Whacko? Read Iran’s Non-Violent Velvet Revolution & Why Left Coverage Of Iran Is Better by Ali Eteraz. Read the rest of this entry »

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Building peace on a foundation of lies?

While I caused a stir among some readers with my earlier post Cross cultural rhetoric: Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while I am not in favour of military “solutions” to Iran, while I believe that America should engage with Iran more in pursuit of an Iraq solution, while the hypocrisy of the Israelis almost certainly having nuclear weapons (but allowing no inspections) is obvious, while nationalistic Zionism has driven Israel down a bad path, and while the injustices towards the Palestinians and Arab Israelis are manifest, the recent charade in Tehran was despicable. Any conference featuring the likes of David Duke and an assorted gaggle of crackpots and fanatics is a joke, and its agenda was sickening.

The ultra-religious Jews who were there are indeed an interesting group; for them the only proper State of Israel is that ushered in by the future Messiah, so the current one is illegitimate. But you don’t have to go there to find Israelis and Jews who question what is going on. I have recently been reading The Tragedy of Zionism by Bernard Avishai, writing from a Labor Zionist perspective, and highly critical of the way Israel has gone. See also his article A roadmap without a driver (2003), and one only has to read Tikkun to find more voices for peace and reason. See too the documentary The Other Zionists, recently shown on ABC-TV’s Compass. There were no such voices on any side in this conference.
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