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Queen’s Birthday Weekend

This is the Sunday of Queen’s Birthday here in New South Wales, and tomorrow is a public holiday. Not that it really is the Queen’s Birthday, which I wrote about on the appropriate day: April 22.

Confusing, isn’t it?

Tonight ABC-TV celebrates with The Queen at 80. I’ll be watching it, even if The Scotsman was less than enthusiastic:

IN SPITE of the granny hair and the Norman Hartnell clothes, I’m only a “don’t know” on the Queen. Whereas on over-zealous school prefect Andrew Marr I’m an out and out anti. Listening to him on The Queen at 80 was like being chewed to death by a set of stir-crazy false teeth. So it was a bit of bad luck for her majesty to be tarnished by association with our Andrew. I give her six months…

Marr had a go at feigning tabloid excitement at “never-before-seen” footage. This turned out to be toddler Charles running about the garden and the queen looking happy and excited with her ladies in waiting on her coronation day. If Marr was feeling that we the viewers might be thinking “is that it?” it didn’t show. The false teeth just took a few more nibbles from what was left of our faces…

I will enjoy the nostalgia nonetheless.

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Written by Neil

June 11, 2006 at 2:52 pm

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