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Two Australian poems of World War II

Judith Wright (1915-2000) is one of my favourite poets. “The Company of Lovers” was written during World War II and I think captures the feel of the time as many lovers were separated by the war. It is not one of her better known poems.

We meet and part now over all the world;
we, the lost company,
take hands together in the night, forget
the night in our brief happiness, silently.
We, who sought many things, throw all away
for this one thing, one only,
remembering that in the narrow grave
we shall be lonely.

Death marshals up his armies round us now.
Their footsteps crowd too near.
Lock your warm hand above the chilling heart
and for a time I live without my fear.
Grope in the night to find me and embrace,
for the dark preludes of the drums begin,
and round us round the company of lovers,
death draws his cordons in.

On the other hand, the following poem by Kenneth Slessor is — or used to be — very well known.

Beach Burial

Softly and humbly to the Gulf of Arabs
The convoys of dead sailors come;
At night they sway and wander in the waters far under,
But morning rolls them in the foam.

Between the sob and clubbing of gunfire
Someone, it seems, has time for this,
To pluck them from the shallows and bury them in burrows
And tread the sand upon their nakedness;

And each cross, the driven stake of tidewood,
Bears the last signature of men,
Written with such perplexity, with such bewildered pity,
The words choke as they begin –

‘Unknown seaman’ – the ghostly pencil
Wavers and fades, the purple drips,
The breath of wet season has washed their inscriptions
As blue as drowned men’s lips,

Dead seamen, gone in search of the same landfall,
Whether as enemies they fought,
Or fought with us, or neither; the sand joins them together,
Enlisted on the other front.

If you go here; you will find an account by my mother of her feelings during the war years and a letter my father wrote in 1945 from Papua.

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  1. I’m about to start teaching Slessor to Year 11, including Beach Burial.


    April 25, 2006 at 2:49 pm

  2. I love this poem my teacher read it to my Year 11 literature class and we were all moved, a couple of my friends started crying. I don’t know whether it was the way my teacher read it or the emotional message that the words sent, but it is definitely a beautifully written and moving poem.


    July 24, 2006 at 8:48 pm

  3. this peom is very helpful…..n itzzz realli ood i love it it helped me write ma own peom

    thank you


    November 13, 2008 at 7:39 am

  4. Comment is closing.


    February 18, 2009 at 10:46 am

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